Egyptian Cotton Hub (ECH) is a sales and marketing firm that aims to create and develop the sales channels of the Cotton and Textiles Industries Holding Company (CTIHC) in local and international markets. This includes a variety of ranges from raw materials like yarns and fabrics to ready-made garments and textiles. ECH is building a Direct-to-consumer ‘DTC’ model that is diversified and fully integrated, covering the spectrum of retail, wholesale, and e-commerce on local and regional levels to provide our customers with the latest trends in Home Textiles and Fashion. In this regard, we introduce the brand ‘nit.’ The “nit” brand introduces world-class direct-to-consumer channels that promote high-quality Egyptian cotton products with premium international designs and an outstanding customer experience. This marks a historic milestone in Egypt’s ambitious plan to modernize the national textile sector, with “nit” being the first of its kind in the public business sector. The brand focuses on serving the needs of local customers while also striving to compete in the global market. ‘nit’ offers a wide range of products, including bedding, bath linens, living room textiles, kitchen textiles, lounge wear, and complementary accessories.